Cheap HOST Oath


When there are technical problems that bother you or questions that you need to be answered, having someone who is more than willing to help you will surely make a big difference. Our welcoming crew is more than willing to give you such service. Actually, if your customer support experience turns out unpleasant, you will be given a month of free hosting. Everything is as easy as that.


For our part, we make this pledge.

• Within the initial seven days, we will give you a call that will welcome you to RSC HOST.
• Pick up your call at once on a regular basis.
• Give phone support which is specially based in our country.
• Address your concern on the first time you call us or put forward a specific date for follow up.
• Being polite and friendly all the time in order to provide you with good experience in terms of customer service and support.

• Stick to top quality training standards in order to make the crew knowledgeable.
• Always review and enhance experience in customer support by giving you a survey.
If it happens that during the span of time that you are with our company and you feel that we were not able to meet all the parts of this oath, kindly inform the company. Your complaint will be investigated. If there is indeed a component of the oath that had been violated, then you will have a full month of free hosting.

A person who will attend to all your concerns with a supportive and positive attitude is what you want when you encounter some technical problems or if you have some questions on your mind. Fortunately, this is what you will get when you try to reach our customer-oriented crew. In addition, if you feel that we were unable to give you a good experience in terms of customer support, our company will present you with a month of free or unpaid hosting. That is our uncomplicated approach to giving every client a satisfying support experience.

Therefore, we pledge to:

• Give you a welcome call within your first week in RSC HOST.
• Whenever you give us a call, we will answer it in under a minute.
• Let you access phone support that is based within our country.
• Find solution to all your issues the first time that you contact our services or give you an exact date for when we can make follow-up calls.
• Maintain a nice customer service experience by always being willing to serve and well-mannered.
• Always stick to the best training customs so that the crew always has adequate knowledge.
• Be consistent in making necessary reviews and improvements when it comes to the customer support experience by proving you with a follow-up survey.

If you feel that some important components of the oath have not been successfully met, you can send our company an email. After which, the incident will be examined. If the investigation points that there is indeed a violation on our part, you can be sure that you will be given one entire month of free hosting.

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